4x Modern Salon Excellence In Education "Marketing Innovation" Winner

Modern Salon is the salon industry’s head-to-toe beauty resource. From future professionals entering cosmetology school to new hair stylist earning their first chair to owners/managers of the most successful salons and spas, Modern Salon publishes information to help professionals (and future professionals) choose the right products, services and education.  For seven year, Modern Salon ran a national “Excellence In Education” competition designed to help the professional beauty school community gather, share and celebrate examples of great salon education experiences and beauty career development happening across the country. Schools could enter in one or more of seven categories: Community Involvement, Facilities, Marketing Innovation, Next Level: Alumni Programs, Placement, School Culture, Technology.  I was able to win Honoree or Top Honoree for Marketing Innovation for Ogle for four consecutive years from 2013-2016.  After winning 4 straight, I decide to take a year off an utilize the submission preparation time for other pressing projects, which also happened to be the final year that Modern Salon ran the program.  I was honored to received these awards and I’m proud of the work we did to secure them.  You can see an example of a submission, here

Closing Tombstones & Company Awards

I’ve been fortunate to be have been frequently recognized for my performance by the companies I’ve worked for over the years through quarterly awards, annual recognition or special call-outs for outstanding results.  However, my proudest moments are both of the successful transaction closings that I’ve been involved in.   They are a ton of work – your day job doesn’t stop when you are trying to sell a company, but the sale process is a job in itself! Over the last 11 years I’ve been part of three different sale processes in search of a growth partner, two of which resulted in the sale of the company.  In 2014, I was part of the five person executive team that pitched the company to private equity which resulted in Ogle School’s acquisition by Greyrock/NCK Capital.  Six years later in 2020, I was part of an sales round that did not result in a deal, but we went back out the following year and found our next growth partner completing the transaction in September 2021.  Each sale of the three sale rounds consisted of copious amounts of prep, due diligence follow-ups and averaged between 5-7 presentations to private equity groups.  Being relied on to sell the company’s marketing prowess to big investors in both of those two large transactions was a lot of pressure, but closing those deals was very rewarding and they were two of my favorite highlights of my career – and certainly offset the disappointment from not getting the result we wanted in 2020.