Logo Design

Branding Programs & Initatives

Being responsible for all logo creation and branding of internal/external programs and initiatives can be challenging. Not only is imperative to design a logo that is simple, clean and can be reproduced easily, but you also visually connect with the program objectives as well as ensuring that new logos are aligned with the parent brand and that when presented together, the logos are cohesive. 

Below are two examples of logos created for an external program (RISE) and a logo for the white-label of Ogle’s e-Learning platform (Elevate).  The new logos maintain a weight and shape similar to the parent logo and utilize lower case lettering as to not overshadow the primary branding.

Training Materials

Prezi Sample

The training team rented out a movie theater for a large two-day company training event.  However, they lacked an overarching theme and the materials provided were plain PowerPoint Presentations.  I needed to come up with a concept that would leverage that space the training was being held and would keep the audience engaged during the 10 hour training event.  I decided to go all in on the entertainment theme and I created five different presentations, transition screens and section introductions in a Netflix-style format.  I directed the training staff to find short movie clips that supported the training material and we integrated those intro the presentation as well.  While the presenters opted for a linear style presentation format vs the native open navigation of Prezi, I believe we took full advantage for the presentation software to create training support materials that looked great in the space and blew away our audience.  Every element of the two day training event followed the same Nextflix-style theme. You can see a working version of one of the presentations I built for the training event here.

Training Materials


To ensure the entire training was sharp and cohesive, I even designed movie poster to appear outside the theater for each day of training.  This created a more immersive experience for the staff and they arrived through the theater doors excited and ready to learn.

Sales Materials

Print Collateral, Presentations, Signage, etc.

All student and client facing collateral, signage and presentations were created and managed either directly by me or under my supervision.  This meant serving multiple different teams within the organization (Admissions, Education, Financial Aid, Compliance High School Outreach) and multiple campuses.  This required an organized approach to project in-take, project management, approvals and distribution.  It could definitely be challenging supporting so many different teams and nine individual campuses, but I found that a solid process, the right piece of software/tech and a little automation can make it significantly more manageable. 

Company Dashboard

Infographics-Style Monthly KPI Reporting

As is often the challenge with organization that run very lean, it was difficult getting admission and education staff to pick up their heads from their daily tasks long enough to analyze reports and measure performance.  Additionally, standard reporting seems to often be difficult for them to understand and interpret.  I advocated for the creation of an infographic style monthly report that focused on the company’s five main KPI’s, detailing how each campus performed compared to other campuses and against the company goals.  The adoption of my monthly scorecard led greatly heightened awareness of campus performance against company goals, the ability for individual campuses to more easily identify opportunities and it created a sense of competition amongst the campuses, each vying for the top spot each month in the respective categories.