Annual Runway Show

Ogle School’s other annual cultural cornerstone event, was the annual runway show, Faceoff, held at Gilley’s Ballroom in Dallas.  Face-Off is a professional runway hair show that unifies nine campuses by featuring a healthy creative competition. Students gain valuable experience of working in a professional runway show, receive recognition of their work, while marketing and branding themselves to the industry as well as building skills and experience for their resumes.  Planning and executing an event that features over 120 student contestant and over 3,000 attendees required a herculean effort from key players.  For 10 years I was responsible for all the presentation aspects of the event as well as ensuring that we were capturing the event for the creation of highlight videos and creative assets for future advertising campaigns – you. can see an example of a 30 second ad and a 15 second ad created from this content.  Below are a few of my responsibilities from this annual event. 

Institution Wide Graduation

When your two biggest competitors are Paul Mitchell & Aveda, national brands with bigger budgets, their own product lines and superior facilities, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself.  Ogle hosted two annual events that not only served as cultural cornerstones for the organizations enrolled students and employees, but also provided valuable marketing assets and buzz.  Each year, Ogle School would book the UTA Basketball Coliseum and fill it with over 800- 1,000 recent graduates along with 4,000-5,000 of their friends and family.  The majority of our enrollment is made up of non-traditional students, so the opportunity for a real, large scale graduation event that their loved ones could attend was a clear advantage for the Ogle brand vs it’s competitors.  In addition to providing all of the assets for the venue (signage), the digital displays and on-stage branding, my role in graduation was also to capture marketing assets to utilize for lead generation.  The challenge in this particular creative was to capture the happiness, joy and overall emotion of the event without any voice over or graphic text.  The result was a powerful video that captured the uniqueness of our graduates and the sense of accomplishment that they experienced. 

Award Nomination Campaign

Occasionally, we would need to shift from a hype video to something a little more campy, to communicate the need for nominations and tease an event.  In this example, I had to come up with a concept teased the upcoming company event, which was to be a casino night, without revealing what it was. The piano, hat and jacket gave us the Las Vegas Lounge vibe and piano track handles the rest.  It can always be challenging when shooting with talent that isn’t comfortable on camera, but ultimately, the key is too making your subject comfortable and at ease.  This was shot run-an-gun style, with just our CEO, the property owner and myself, in attendance.  A gimbal was used for the tracking shot down the hallway, the piano playing way edited in after the fact and the entire shoot was completed in less than 90 minutes.  The video was very well received by our staff.

Corporate Events Promotion

Annually, I would be asked to put together video promoting internal company events.  The goal of these video was to create excitement within the company for the upcoming event and to drive awareness and attendance. To this end, we would typically create short videos, with quick cuts, text-overlays to drive home key points and a high energy background track to keep employees watching.  Our corporate events were always well attended.