Meeting room in the style of the modern.

Board Reporting & Presentation

Meeting room in the style of the modern.

Every quarter for the last 9 years, I’ve been responsible for preparing the marketing slides for the quarterly Board deck and have presented those updates, achievements, challenges at each Board Meeting.  I’m always at my best when I’m passionate about the topic I’m covering and I don’t get any more excited than when discussing all the interesting initiatives we were exploring and the results we were seeing.  I have found bi-directional sharing of ideas and strategies with Board Members to be mutually beneficial, as I have been able to implement techniques that other business in their portfolios have found success with and they had been able to do the same with some of the different strategies we were using.  Who doesn’t love a good win-win?

Performance Reporting

Consistently delivering accurate and timely monthly reports has been a constant throughout my career.  The data doesn’t lie.  Goals must be measurable and reporting provides accountability and insights and can often be the guide to continued growth or course correction.  Through years of experience I’m able to quickly identify trends, spike and anomalies which has allows me to response to opportunities and challenges expeditiously and effectively. 

Expense Reporting

As an expert Concur user, I have logged years of experience submitting monthly expense reports (for non-invoiced advertising costs and other marketing expenses) that typically average between $30-$60k, with 30-60 entries, each requiring an accompanying receipt, allocation and itemization.  When your monthly expense repor can be that cumbersome, you get really good at developing systems and processes and maximizing the power of the software.

Google Analytics, Adwords, GTM, GMB

I have over 11 year of experience managing the Google Business suite for a multi-unit company.  This includes, but is not limited to leading the Google Analytics implementation, management and reporting, overseeing the transition from GA3 to GA4, administering a Google Tag Manager and managing all Google My Business profiles.  I also have 18 years of Google Adwords (PPC) experience and I was the architect of the Ogle PPC account that fueled our rapid lead growth through the years.  I would eventually bring on an Agency to manage  the day-to-day account optimization, so I could shift more focus and resources to growth strategy for all channels.

Data Analysis - Excel, Pivot Tables, Etc.

I love pivot tables! When it is time to dig into the data to answer a question, resolve an issue or find extra utilization, I have found there is not many things more helpful at slicing the data up and looking at it in different ways.  I have years of experience with Excel and pivot tables and I’m confident in my abilities to analyze a data set to pull meaningful metrics and insights from reports and data dumps.