Strategy & Tech


Most people will leave a review, if they had a good experience and IF you ask them.  Prior to this automation, our previous efforts around obtaining customer feedback involved in-person client interactions with accompanying collateral.  This method worked decently, but was too heavily reliant on front desk staff to follow the process.  Given the nature of how quickly students matriculate through the program, it was difficult to get front desk staff to consistently follow the process.  The Point of Sale software lacked the native functionality necessary to automated the process, but we kept trying to find a solution.   The key was obtaining access to the POS database where we could code an automation to pull the client service and client contact details out of the POS and send them to Zapier.  From Zapier, we were able to feed the client service and contact info into the software, which in turn would trigger conditional campaigns designed to amplify positive interactions and address negative interactions prior to them becoming bad reviews.  The results were spectacular.  Within a month after being implemented, 4 and 5-star reviews increased 9x per month.

Technology Integration

Throughout my career I have been able to find solutions to help increase efficiency and drive growth.  Whether that was early in my career, when I recognized that an internal template repository would dramatically increase the productivity of our website design teams at Verizon or whether it was helping the admissions team construct their tech stack so that they could more efficiently work the leads I was driving.  At Ogle School, I was able to lead the admissions team to integrate software that dramatically increased our outreach speed  (Speak2Lead) and I was able to bring them and help them implement a landline-based cloud texting solution (Zipwhip) that allowed them to communicate with prospects on multiple platforms from a single contact point.  Adding texting outreach to the recruitment mix significantly increased our contact rates, as our student preferred communicating via text in many instances.  Speed to lead is critical in a competitive environment where you prospect may be moving onto the next provider if you can’t get to them when they are ready to talk.  Implementation of the automated call process reduced our contact time from minutes to seconds, nearly doubled our contact rate and was a contributing factor that lead to consistent YOY enrollment growth.

Lead Forms & CRMs

In a lead generation business, some of the most critical elements of success revolve around generating leads, gathering as much external data as possible and routing those leads to the correct team and representative.  I offer over a decade of experience with lead forms, variable collection, lead routing, lead automation and CRM integration.  Partnering with Sales and IT to drive the strategy behind optimizing speed, routing and insights has been an essential component for exceeding annual goals and driving growth.  

Conversion Rate Optimization

Generating interest is only half the battle.  Once you’ve cut through the noise and generated the click to your landing page, converting the traffic that you paid for (directly or indirectly) becomes paramount.  In my experience, there is no better way to convert more of your traffic than consistent A/B testing.  Over the last several year, I have been a part of over 100 different A/B test focused on increase the quantity and quality of leads.  Through rigorous experimentation, I was able to increase annual conversion rates by over 30%, contributing greatly to the YoY lead volume increases seen throughout my time at Ogle School.

Content Generation & Influencer Marketing

As the use of the “mega-ambassador” declines and brands turn more frequently to “micro-ambassadors”, I implemented an Alumni Ambassador program.  The program focused on partnering with graduates that displayed a knack for creating social content and that were doing interesting things in the beauty industry.  The goal was to connect Ogle Alumni with current and prospective Ogle students, clients and employers by using social media to inspire the next generation of beauty professionals.  The Alumni Ambassadors provide authentic content that resonates with current and prospective students and allows Ogle to drive brand awareness.  The program creates a win-win situation for both alumni and the institution.  By dedicating space on the company’s social media properties for promising alumni, Ogle was able to share these talented alumni’s stories with it’s large social media audience  greatly expand the reach for graduates and drive awareness to the Ogle brand through a program that required little to no budget to execute.  In addition to conceiving the program, the in-take progress and deliverable expectations, I was also designed and built the micro-site for the program.

Brand Integrity

Maintaining brand integrity is critical when building a strong brand.  Ensuring that a company has a brand guide that is easily accessible to relevant team members helps ensure expectations are clear and that there is a continued focus on brand standards.  Here is an example of a brand guide I created for Ogle School.

Brand Awareness

One easy way, no-cost way to generate a little extra revenue, improve brand sentiment/spirit and drive additional awareness is by making branded apparel easily accessible.  There are a variety of providers online that make this relatively easy.  Upload your apparel logo designs, set your product margins, customize your online store and the provider handles everything else (ordering, shipping, returns, etc.).  In addition to making items available for student and employee purchase, we would often use the apparel shop as an incentive, providing credit to teams who won contests or greatly exceeded goals.  This effort provided wins on many levels.

Project Management


Supporting the marketing needs of an entire organization, in addition to ensuring that lead volume was always beating prior year was no easy task.  Having a process and being organized is critical when serving multiple departments and multiple business units.  To streamline the process, I created an online marketing request form that populated requests into a project management tool.  Projects were then managed through the PM tool.  This allowed end to end documentation of requests and deliverables which was a core component of ensuring that projects were delivered consistently, accurately and on-time or ahead of schedule.


Hosting, Domain & DNS Management

With seven websites (a main site, a job board, a landing page site, an alumni ambassador site amongst them) and over 30 domains, I have a wealth of experience managing a complex network of web properties.  In addition to administering our registrar and hosting accounts, I also managed our DNS/CDN via Cloudflare.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to speed and scale, nothing is quicker than paid advertising.  The ability to target by gender, age, interest among other socio-economic demographic is powerful.  If you know who your audience is, you can get in front of them immediately.  Once you have their attention, it’s just a matter of making a compelling offer and appealing to the customer’s needs.  I have a proven track record of being able to successfully target key demographics to drive revenue growth.  I look forward to doing the same for you!